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How do I convert a pair of lon and lat values into a point....?


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Use the built-in VectorToPoint function.


local p1 = ZonePoint(47.6490674, -122.3479173, 0);
local p2 = ZonePoint(47.6205063, -122.3492774, 0);

local distance, bearing = Wherigo.VectorToPoint(p1, p2);

print(distance:GetValue("m")); -- 3175.3430431868
print(bearing); -- 181.83845927044


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On 6/20/2021 at 9:00 PM, Forest-Ghost said:

Does anyone know how to use the VectorToPoint function in urwigo? I am trying to build a reverse cache using just the bearing. I keep getting errors though.


14 hours ago, Delta68 said:

I can't get it to work either.

Passing a zone to a function or referencing a zone in a funtion always errors :(


Can both of you post (or e-mail me) the source code of your cartridge? As of now the problem could be literally anything from "you've got a typo on line 100" to "a solar flare fried your computer"... :P

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I was able to get it working using Day1976's code from this post. I threw together a rough cartridge. You can download the urwigo file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ezvqi5vgebwq7r/Reverse Bearing Wherigo.urwigo?dl=0



I'd be curious to see if anyone else has made a reverse bearing Wherigo and if they have any recommendations. I made a reverse Wherigo (showing only the distance) awhile back that took players to an obscure park that most people didn't know existed. The starting coordinates were almost 2 miles from the final. I would think with a bearing only Wherigo it might be better to set it up so that the player starts in a park and ends in the same park. Since there is only bearing, I could see it becoming a lot trickier to locate the cache if the starting location is really far away from the final. 



Edit: for anyone who wants to make a reverse bearing Wherigo without having to use code. day1976 uploaded an open source cartridge here. You can build the entire cartridge in the app.

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