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Release Notes (Website: Search to map) - June 17, 2021

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Release Notes (Website: Search to map) - June 17, 2021


With this release, you may choose to map search results directly on the map on Geocaching.com. 
Currently, search results default to a list of caches. If you prefer a visual representation of the results, go to Preferences in your Account Settings and check ‘Display search results directly on map’.



Your preference will apply to all new Search links on the website, except for other players’ finds, which will only be available as a list.
This feature is available to Premium and Basic member users, with their respective search limitations.
Sven (Bl4ckH4wkGER) is watching this thread to answer questions whenever possible.


Any posts in this thread should relate to features in this release. Comments unrelated to the release may be removed. Please direct unrelated comments to other appropriate threads. Thanks!

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With this setting off, the profile Geocaches tab's All Geocache Finds link takes me to a new-format list of finds, sorted by most recently found by me.  That's ideal, aside from a few shortcomings of the newer text format, an old topic I won't revisit.


With this setting on, the same tab's All Geocache Finds link takes me to the map, as advertised, with the list sorted by most-recently-found by anybody - after you select the closest likely option.  (It defaults to something equally useless.)  There's no option I can see to sort by found-by-me date.


Thanks but...  I can't use this.


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@Viajero Perdido

It is correct that the sort functions on the list view and the map view have different underlying logic and reference points and may hence show different results from use case to use case. This is expected and has nothing to do with the current release. It may just be more visible to you now with this particular use case.


This release is a setting that allows you to enable/ disable the functionality as needed. While it may not meet your needs in this particular scenario, it may meet your needs in others.


That said, if I remove all the not productive commentary from your post, I believe we talked about that before, what I am hearing is the following ask: "If I map all my finds, e.g via the "All Geocache Finds link", I would like the map to more closely resemble the List view and be based on the order of my found-by dates."

Thank you for that suggestion. I will add it to the backlog.

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6 hours ago, MartyBartfast said:

It's been like that for a long time, several years at least.




I could have sworn that the map never used to move finds back to the published location when there's a corrected coords on it until recently.  On the browse map anyway (not the new frangled one)


Ah well....

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