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QR code bug in Android App

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I'm posting to ask whether there's any hope to get the bug fixed in the Android app that causes a message about QR codes to pop up whenever user input is required. I was unaware of this problem until very recently. I created a Wherigo for a summer geocaching challenge associated with the NY State Parks. I ran the cartridge through the simulator many times and performed field tests with my iPhone. I was therefore puzzled when the beta-tester reported that the cartridge kept asking for a QR code. Subsequent finders had no problem until another experienced user encountered the same problem and note that it had been identified as a bug in the Android player. There seems to be a workaround, but having such a flaw in the player on hardware that is very common would seem unfortunate to say the least. 


I looked at the following thread but it only seems to provide a workaround.


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5 hours ago, capoaira said:

So there is nothing wrong with WhereYouGo!


What's wrong with WhereYouGo is that the button is much more prominent than the input field:




In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that the input field is invisible. It does not look like there is an input field there. No placeholder text. It just looks like a line to separate the sections of the dialog. This is awful UX.


I suspect that most users just press the "Scan QR" button, and then start looking for a QR Code even if there isn't one. Then they get confused because they cannot find anything. 


However, c:geo is an open-source. Perhaps bringing some attention to the relevant issue will help get changes made.



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