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Limited edition

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Technically, everything is limited edition so to me it doesn't really mean much.


Most GeoCoins are limited runs of ... no idea, a few hundred? The "official" coins that you can buy from GC are normally done as a batch and then once they sell out, they don't make more. Though they still have the molds and designs, so there's nothing stopping them from minting more.


Trackables made by other people (such as the promotional Jeep ones) are also done in limited batches.


The only one that I'd class as "not limited edition" is the standard Travel Bug TB. Though even that one has had a few different designs over the years, and older versions aren't re-made. If someone has made the effort of printing "limited edition" on their coins, then it ought to be a numbered series and I would assume that the "default" mint run is of 50 coins (since that's the minimum number of codes one can order when making custom coins).

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Thanks for clearing that up. It doesent seem different from its sisters in the series and in fact the 'Limited Edition' wasn't on the coin it was printed in the standard Gregson Vaux card with it. Another random had 'Artists Edition' but again looked unremarkable.

I thought I could just go to his website and look up any of the large amount of his stuff I have and get info on a piece... Wrong!

It lists a handfull of coins and nothing I have sadly. 

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Thanks SEWdaught!


At least I know the mintage but am at last realising that the mintage isnt necessarily related to value. Just what its worth to a new owner.

I was surprised that a few of his few minted coins he still says are not sold out from years ago.

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