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"UTAH EVENT UPDATE" (Sat March 16th)


Hey guys We've made arrangements with the Peppermill to use their meeting room. A lunch will be served @ 1:00 and we will have a meeting and play bingo afterwards.


If you plan on eating the lunch there will be a $8.50 charge per person and we NEED to have a firm head count by Tue March 12, Please email us @ cghendricks@utah-inter.net with the names of those in your party. (We will need to pay in advance so please don't leave us holding the bag here) icon_frown.gif


If you would prefer to just come and join in for the meeting and BINGO that's fine, there is no charge for that, just a contribution to the "PRIZE" bucket!! icon_biggrin.gif


Elwood has been working on getting us some fun-books for the casinos....Thanks Elwood!!


As we mentioned on the event site, "BINGO" cards will be hidden in caches on the way to Wendover so check the site on Friday the 15th for those locations. We are also trying to put together some additional desert Cache games for Sat. morning, if you have any ideas please let us know.


At the meeting we will discuss a "SPRING CLEANING" Cache game, as well as any other topics you feel important to our sport. Perhaps even forming a "Utah Association" of geo-cachers. Please let us know if there is something you would like to discuss.


Looking forward to seeing everyone and having some fun!


Please email us with your Head count and ideas right away......THANKS!


The Cach-U-Nuts!

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We'll be discussing the finer details of the Spring Cleaning that will happen shortly in Utah. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this thread - http://opentopic.Groundspeak.com/0/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1750973553&f=3000938983&m=6800990093&r=7220991693#7220991693


If you can't come to Wendover we could still use your input. We want these games to be fun and competitive so that we can keep Utah's caches current. This will benefit us all! If you have some input, go ahead and post it in the thread mentioned above! Thanks for all your help in advance!


Tyler Slack's Geocaching in Utah

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This report is brought to you by tslack2000. It is from his head and he should not be held liable for missing details as he did not write anything down. The report is as follows:


We met in a conference room at the Peppermill in Wendover. We were catered to a very nice lunch with servers who were eager to keep our glasses full of the beverage of our choice.


After a nice lunch, we took turns introducing ourselves. Some (BunkerDave) were more long-winded than others. We discussed the Spring Cleaning Cache Games and had some good input from the group on how to make the game both fun and productive. (The game should be kicking off shortly.) Craig of Cach-U-Nuts is working on the website and he has permission to tap into the Geocaching database. (THANK YOU JEREMY!)


Several good ideas were brought up about how to represent our sport in a positive manner. Some suggestions included taking the waypoint of road kill, large junk and appliances (and other various objects along the freeway that shouldn't be there) and calling the coords in to the proper authorities so that they can clean it up. We were all taught how to fold plastic grocery bags up into very compact squares so that we could package them in little ziplock baggies and put them into caches. The idea is that people who visit a cache will take one of the grocery bags out and pick up some trash on their way out. GREAT IDEA! (You may have noticed the Fold Bag to Help Trash Out Cache visiting the Salt Lake Area.) This cache is all about this idea that Inventor brought back from Alabama while he was there.


Other things that we can do to make things easier for the "authorities" is to stamp our ammo cans and other metal containers with some sort of identifying markings that, in the event of a fire in the area, will still make it clear to the firefighters who come in after for cleanup that the container is a geocache and not a bomb. All other markings are otherwise burnt up and destroyed in the fire. If the container is unidentifiable, they will have to treat it as a bomb and blow it up. This costs us all a lot of money that could be better spent elsewhere!


With all the good ideas to share with Utah Geocachers, we discussed the possibility of organizing ourselves into a body of geocachers that represent the area of Utah. We discussed the possibility of a web site that would share this type of info with other geocachers in our area. There are already several states that have done this and such "organizations" are highly supported by Jeremy. Jeremy has expressed a desire to help out these groups in any way he can and views them as something very positive. Some more ideas were mentioned in conjunction with this group idea, such as Geocaching sponsored

  • Adopt-A-Highway Programs
  • Community Service
  • and other various group projects and geocaching sponsored events.
The possibility of Utah starting an assosiation like this seemed exciting and quite promising. We decided to discuss it further in a future meeting in a more local location where we could have a higher turn out. Look for another meeting coming soon to a location near you!


We also played Bingo to kick off a great, new game that the Cach-U-Nuts have thought up! Everybody collected Bingo cards that were stashed in various caches on our way to Wendover. The more cards you collected, the more cards you could play. Everyone donated an item into the "ante bucket" to go towards prizes for the winners. A great time was had by all! Check out the Bingo Gamenow in play and watch for future games!


That's about all I can remember. If any others who were in attendance can add anything, please do!


Tyler Slack's Geocaching in Utah

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