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Help with Garmin GPSMAP 64sx

The Rat

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After 10 or 12 years geocaching with a Garmin 60Cx, it finally gave up the ghost (battery leaked and acid ate the internal connections). So I bought a GPSMAP 64sx because it appeared to be the closest to what I'm used to. I've had a few questions arise.

1. When I plug into the computer, I can send caches to the Garmin no problem, but the website doesn't seem to recognize it. When I'm logged in and looking at a cache page, there is no link to send to the GPS. I usually don't need that since I use GSAK, but is there a ways to send cache details from the website? I could do it before with the other Garmin.

2. How do I delete a geocache from the 64sx? On the old one all I had to do is highlight it, press menu and the option to delete was there. If there was more than one, the option to delete all was there. On this one, other than the initial GO button at the bottom, the menu button only brings up three options: Review Point, Setup Map, and Restore Defaults. If I don't select it but show the general geocache page off the main menu, then press menu, there are five options: Spell search, search near, Choose filter, show Found, and setup geocaches. If I can't delete it, maybe there's a way to filter out found caches. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

3. Neither the Name (or title) or the GC# of the geocache is shown. Instead, the notes I put into GSAK are shown on the Garmin screen as the cache title, both in the menu and on the map. How do I get it to show the name? Obviously I could put the cache title in the note field in GSAK before sending it, and maybe that's the best solution, but I'd think the gpx file should have the title in a field which predominates over any notes.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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I found the answer to the second question in another thread. When plugged into the computer I can navigate to the Garmin device and in the GPX folder, the geocache gpx files are located. I can delete them there. I don't understand why they don't make it possible to delete from the device itself when not plugged in, but at least there's a solution. This brings up another issue. With the old one, I could operate all the pages and menus normally while plugged in. With this new one, it seems all I get is the USB symbol and cannot navigate to any regular page or screen or menu. Not only that, but as soon as I unplug, it shuts off. I can just turn it back on, but that's one extra step I'd rather not have to bother with especially since it takes a while to come up. If there's any workaround, please let me know.

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For question 1, the "Send To Garmin" button is available on map pages and for Lists.  You need additional software to do this, "Garmin Express", which you need anyway for Garmin updates.  https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=138&pgid=827


On the website cache pages, "Download GPX" is the only button.  For Windows, click that, choose "send to", and you can navigate right into the GPS to save the GPX file.  You've seen the similar process to use when deleting the files, same folder.  You could steps by using "Send To Garmin" where available.  Since I first delete old files, it makes more sense to me to just use Pocket Queries or "Download GPX" for individual caches, rather than bother with "Send To Garmin".  As you noticed, the convenient buttons kind of vanished.


Here's a site that has a lot of info about using a GPSMAP 64 for things such as Geocaching:

https://www.gpsrchive.com/GPSMAP/GPSMAP 64/index.htm


I get by without GSAK, so I don't know about naming files.



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