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spam waymarks

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Hi All,

In the Literary sites category, of which I am a category officer, I have had to reject a couple of waymark submissions with a clear "not a waymark" rejection, the latest today. It appears that some entities are trying to flog some commercial application of absolutely no relevance to the category, nor Waymarking in general. It hasn't reached the stage of "can higher authorities take control of this please?" yet. The couple of rejections, I can so far handle, other than to ask here, why would anyone bother?? Are these robot style submissions or has someone actually gone to some effort to submit? Just wondering...

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Posted (edited)

I really don't know how these come to be, whether they're posted manually or robotically, only that they exist.

It is likely that they have become more prevalent with time, as, in truth, is to be expected.

To date I've had to deal with no more than a dozen or so, which I consider no big deal, as they require little of my time, as compared to that required in the reviewing of legitimate Waymarks.

In truth, I once took the time to report such submissions to TPTB, or make mention of them on this forum, but do so no longer.

Possibly one day these will become more of a problem, but, until then, each time one surfaces in my review queue, I just hit the Decline button and move on, giving them no more thought, which is all that they deserve.


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I see them more and more often. Never was an issue until the last few months when they are being submitted what seems like every day or so. I always decline, then go back and lock the waymark from being edited so they can't be resubmitted. That's the best way to deal with them since Groundspeak seems not to care.

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On 6/4/2021 at 7:55 PM, bluesnote said:

then go back and lock the waymark from being edited so they can't be resubmitted

I've never done that (yet) and don't recall any being resubmitted.

However, I WILL remember your comment, just in case resubmissions become the norm.


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