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Thank a Volunteer Day!

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21 hours ago, G0ldNugget said:

A big Thank You to the Northern California volunteers that work behind the scenes to keep the game going and don't get much credit for their time and effort. So kudos to Nomex, RedHiker and TOTTcho for your years of dedication to the geocaching community. Thank You!

Also from Northern California - don't forget Krypton and Stagmomantis (a new name that pops up from time to time as a Reviewer). Thank you!!

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Thanks to frigidfractal, one of our local reviewers! They always ensure that every geocache is at its finest and doesnt break any rule... without them who knows what some of the caches around where i live would look like :lol:. Frigidfractal has really helped understand the geocaching guidelines as well... my ideas can be a bit ambitious sometimes. Thanks to them for publishing all the amazing caches around this area! Thanks to all the reviwers actually, what you do for the community is immeasurable!

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Reviewers sure deserve our gratitude! They do a terrific job! In our area, Toa Norik is known as the super efficient reviewer that often review a cache within minutes! (No, not always and we do ni no way expect it, we know it is a bonus.)


But when do we see the "thank a CO" day?

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