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The idea of the newer GPS units that now directly give you geocache information; like the Oregon 66's or Garmin 750's is something I really want.  However, I travel a lot and I wonder if the maps update as you move too?  Right now if I went from Wisconsin to California, I would have to put California street maps into my GPS.  Also if I would travel internationally, do the newer GPS units update the smaller street maps as well - like a cell phone does?  (If not, someone should invent one that combines the technology!!!)  I can't seem to find info on this and have looked for hours.... :blink:

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If I'm reading your query correctly, the answer is no. You would still have to buy and install maps for the location where you are traveling. These units come with maps that cover the entire US, so traveling from Wisconsin to California shouldn't be a problem. But if you travel internationally, you will need to install maps. For non-Garmin maps, you'll certainly need a computer to install them. I can't say for certain whether your updates to the pre-installed TopoActive or City Navigator maps can be performed directly from the device.

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Personally, I'd just stick with a smartphone and Google Maps for road navigation, and buy whichever handheld GPS you wanted for geocaching/hiking use.


Also, what do you mean by "geocache information"? GPSrs with the ability to give information on caches have existed for well over 10 years now. I am thinking maybe you are referring to the ability to download geocaches on-the-fly?

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