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Anyone Up for Some SF Caching?


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Yes, even robots have dreams...


Mine is to eventually find every cache in the SF grid.


I generally hate going into the city, but maybe with a couple of fellow cachers, it will be more fun (and efficient).


So...anyone interested in caching in San Francsico on the weekends of 18Oct03 and/or 25Oct03?


I'm mostly trying to get the caches in SF proper (NE corner of SF). Here's an aerial shot of the goals:




I'm flexible as to what caches to get (or not get) if someone already has gotten some of them. I just want to take a bite out of the sheer number of caches to start with.


If you're interested in coming along, drop me an email and we'll organize something.




John (no robot kids on this adventure)

The Robot Family


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