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GC code cut off when printing cache pages

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OK so this is pretty small potatoes... the GC code on a printed cache page (yes, I usually print quite a bit when out caching where data services will not be found) is too far to the right and gets cut off. My guess is that this just needs a little adjustment in the "print" section of the style sheet. But like I said, a minor little annoyance but it would be nice for it to be addressed some day.

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I make printouts to give to the owners of private property where I have hidden caches. I noticed this same thing a week or so ago.


I also noticed that on SOME cache pages when I click (File, Print) in  Firefox there is a light area on the screen and on the printed page in the area of the GC logo and the cache title.


Have not seen a way to fix these things.


Firefox 88.0

Win 10



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Posted (edited)

I've tried a lot of things, and it is frustrating that the default now clips the GC Code. 


Try this:

Just now I highlighted (right-click selected) the cache description and as many logs as I wanted, then right-clicked anywhere on the selected page, and then the GC Code is in the printout!


I simply need to remember to do that :anicute:.  I usually don't have a need to print a cache page, but sometimes it comes in handy.


EDIT:  I notice that in Chrome with the "GeoPrinter" extension in view, the entire GC Code is pushed all the way out of view when printed.  That's dues to the "GeoPrinter" button making that section too wide.  The GeoPrinter extension prints a summary of a cache, or a whole formatted list of them, so it's unrelated to this Topic except for making the actual problem a little worse.





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I always select No Logs, which may produce the same better result as your selection of some limited number of logs, and never have the GC code clipped.  Could be why I've never seen this problem, and like you, I do still print a LOT of cache pages.


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5 minutes ago, ecanderson said:

select No Logs, which may produce the same better result as your selection of some limited number of logs



Yes, that works!  On a cache page, choose Print/No Logs/5/Logs/10 Logs, and a formatted printable page comes up just fine.  I'm not sure that's what I want when printing a cache page, especially if the screen format is important (for example, if it's a tricky puzzle).  Anyway, there are many ways to at least get a complete GC Code, if you resign to do extra steps or use other processes. 


I think the issue is more about -- surprise! -- questionable changes to the way things have always worked, or being told to go look through the Release Notes We Told Everyone That This Changed, and then scratching your head and wondering what the value is to ever, for example, have the GC Code cut in half when you print a page.  Because even if there are entire Release Notes to read about it, some things feel more like a bug than a feature.  These things do get fixed eventually, so it's good to spotlight them.  But yeah.  There are work-arounds.

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The GC code is still being cut off. Now I notice that NO logs are printed. Only 3 pages. I want to print what I see on the screen, just as a cacher would see it so I can give it to the property owners for my caches from time to time. Printing of a full cache page works ok on other sites. Situation appears to be only at geocaching.com.


I tried clicking on No Logs, 5 logs, etc but that produced something that is just not presentable to a property owner to get and keep him captivated.


Why would this change be made to cripple the presentation of the cache page?


Am I missing something (new)?


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