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Bugs in new release

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This weekend I did some extensive caching using the app.  Since the major update I've noticed some *really* annoying things (at least to me).


1) Distance does not update on map page - cache info box.

On the front map page, when you click on any cache it puts a lovely box at the bottom of the screen showing the GC, favorites, cache name, distance, D/T and size.

This is all fantastic information. Prior to the major update, the 'distance' would update constantly as you moved closer to the cache. I rely on this heavily when driving

to a new cache target. I can quickly check, see my blue dot moving and know that I'm 10 miles, or 500 ft away.  This is highly useful when doing a power trail!

With the new update (the one that changed the user interface) -- this distance no longer updates. It stays at 10 miles, even if you are 10 feet away. ARGH!!!!


2) Draft Log Icons disappear

Caches with 'draft logs' have traditionally been shown with the '!' (exclamation mark).  Which makes it easy to look at a bookmark list of an area

and see which caches one still hasn't logged.  This has been broken since the last update. It will show the "!" for a short period but when you move

to the next cache it disappears on the app. This has led me to writing multiples of draft logs over and over and over again.

Additionally -- I go back into the cache to log a draft again (or to update the information) -- and the draft text is not available -- making me think that

I forgot to make a draft.  This is *REALLY* very annoying especially when you are on power trails or doing multiple days of caching off bookmark lists.

This past weekend I easily visited more than 100 caches -- but you would never know from the visual in the App.


3) Inability to add Adventure Labs starting points to bookmark lists

Is that a BUG or a feature??? If it's a feature, it really shouldn't be.  You've added AL icons to maps and I can search for them, but

if I'm planning a trip and want to be sure I remember to look for the adventure lab when I drive through the area -- I can't because

they are not on my bookmark list and hence their locations aren't available offline.  This to me is a key feature that is absolutely



4) Solution Checker Not available

UGH. I solved 25 geoart puzzles on my phone and didn't know about solution checker that was on the web page.

All because there is NO indication in the cache description on the app that it exists.  This should be a slam dunk

NO BRAINER to integrate into the App Description page.  This is just wrong on SO many levels.


5) Drafts on phone are limited to 250???

Are they? Or Aren't they?  This seems to be a rather arbitrary limit.


6) Inability to filter by number of favorite points

This has got to be a bug and definitely not a feature.  I could swear that at one point I could set this filter. 

This would be the top used filter if it worked.


7) Bookmark lists limited to 100????

Arbitrary limit -- not related to anything slightly computer related like 128 or 256.


That's the big list for now.

Looking forward to updates soon.



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Hmm. I would guess that no one is actually monitoring this forum and actually providing actions on bugs?


Is there a place that we are supposed to submit bugs?

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On 7/26/2021 at 3:28 PM, Keystone said:

Hello, and thanks for your input!

This is the right place to report bugs and request feature enhancements for your app. Not all reports and requests are acknowledged, but all feedback is read. 

Thanks for letting me know. There is a major bug that was on the top of my list that I reported May 3rd and the bug still exists.

I will post again shortly, with screen shots and more specifics.

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Samsung S21 Ultra

Android 11

Version: 8.57.0


To add some:

  • Data usage is high, even when using offline lists
  • The app hangs for a few seconds when submitting a log (To give a idea: I've had a couple of android warnings telling that the app was unresponsive asking me if I wanted to wait or kill it)
    • Even more when there is a image attached to the log
    • The screen might turn black or it will just hang on the "Continue" page after submitting the log
  • Images are rotated by the app when they shouldn't be (e.g. standing images get rotated to be horizontal)
  • The app seemed to be really slow when I had several  offline lists stored on my phone (I'm unable to test this and removing all of the offline lists has not solved the "hanging" issue when submitting logs


  • Downloading offline lists has improved, I no longer need to retry 10 times before a list is downloaded


  • Would it somehow be possible to share offline maps with other apps?
    • I have OsmAnd+ with the OSM offline maps for halve of Europe.
      • I can load the PQ's into the OsmAnd app to navigate to them. But I would like to use the maps of OsmAnd in the geocaching app.
        (I have no idea if this is even allowed in the Android access/rights structure)
    • Or when you have a offline map stored in Google Maps, can you use that when you select Google Street in the geocaching app
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26 minutes ago, ardila.nl said:

Would it somehow be possible to share offline maps with other apps?


The Groundspeak app has just enough maps to get by; it's not really a map app.  So I'm guessing the answer is no, for that app.


Have you looked at Locus Map?  It's very flexible with map choices, and may use your OsmAnd maps directly (depends on format), but worst case, download the maps anew.  Unlike OsmAnd, it's also a well-featured caching app, working offline or online.  I'm more than happy with it; a single app that does two jobs: caching and outdoor nav.


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