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WIG Edit Error

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Hope someone can help.


I have built a WIG in URWIGO, played it through in the URWIGO emulator and saved the gwz file.  Uploaded to Wherigo.com and it is on the site and in my list of WIGs.  I clicked Edit to add the description and check the boxes for 'Make this cartridge available in the directory' and 'Cartridge is active'.  When I click "Save Cartridge Details" , I get 

An Error Has Occurred

Your request has resulted in an error. Please return to this site's home page to continue.


I go to home page and nothing I did is saved and the cartridge is not active.   I tried editing a different cartridge of another cache and it saved the edit fine.  Something is wrong with this specific file or did I forget a step since last year?  It would be nice if the Error message provided more info but I have been stuck at this point for a while.  I have also already tried redoing the saving gwz file and upload process twice so now I have 2 cartridges with the same name (since I cannot edit either one)  and neither work.


Any thoughts?  Thanks

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6 hours ago, OwenfromKC said:

Thanks so  much. You're a genius.  It was a single html tag for a line break.  I had be fiddling and researching for 2 days over that.  Now I know.  Thanks again!


For your (future) reference, here are some things that, in my experience, have caused/cause issues.

  • Line breaks and newlines that are not properly encoded.
  • HTML.
  • Command with the name "Debug".
  • Total file size exceeding 20MB.
  • Using setmetatable/getmetatable.
  • Having text in your cartridge that looks like a C# package name (I read about this; haven't checked in detail yet.)
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