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trackable logged incorrectly

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4 minutes ago, phatsoandslim said:

How can I fix this?


If you still have the tracking code, just Retrieve It and Drop It again on the correct cache. If not... maybe you can go to the location where you left the trackable and read it, or wait for any other geocacher to grab it and drop... no harm done. ;)

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1 hour ago, phatsoandslim said:

By accident, we show trackable placed in one cache but it was actually placed in a different cache. How can I fix this?


Not clear whether this is your trackable or another's. 

Like RuideAlmeida says, use the trackable's code to Retrieve from one , and Drop it in the correct one.  

 -  If not yours, for us it's rare that we'd save the tracking code after logging.   What for ?   :)

With all the trackable errors we're seeing lately, someone else "fixing" a small error we made not really a big deal. 

Just one less trackable logged.


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23 minutes ago, cerberus1 said:

 -  If not yours, for us it's rare that we'd save the tracking code after logging.   What for ?   


I usually make a point of photographing the tracking code of any trackables I move, just in case of a stuff-up like this, having been caught out in a similar way when I messed up the logging of a trackable I dropped in a T4 cache, couldn't fix it without knowing the tracking code and really didn't want to have to revisit that cache.

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