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messagecenter won't give push notification on telephone

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Since I have a new phone (Samsung A52) I don't get push notifications from the geocaching app anymore (other apps work fine).

I already emptied the cache and switched off the battery optimalization, but unfortunately that made no difference.

Has anybody the same problems or has someone an idea how to tackle this?
Now, I see the messages in my email which is often too late when geocachers in the field have a question about one of my caches

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Still a problem - no push notifications of received  messages.  Android 10 Moto.


Followup --

I turned off battery optimization for the app, no effect on the problem:

  • New message notification does not show on any home or lock  screens
  • No new message notification on the home screen of the Geocaching app!
  • If I open the "Messages" part of the app, there and only there do I see a dot indicating a new message from another user.



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