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New Layout Is Annoying!!

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Hello, I do not know why, but somehow on the website, when I click on the geocaches a user has found and then click on the type, it just shows up with a randomly arranged list of geocaches. Back in the day, there was a chronological list where you can see if the caches are for beginners, if the caches have trackables, if they are premium, their D/T rating and you can send them to your GPS device. (Those are just the main features) What happened? Why has it changed? Can it please be reverted because it is getting annoying especially when I am looking through the list of caches I have found to see if they have been found to see if somebody might have added some new swag or trackables.

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I just found out the same.


But the arrangement is not random, it's by default arranged by distance from your home.

Resorting the list is easy by clicking one of the column names, one click is ascending, a second click is descending.


D/T and premium are visible.

Personally, I don't care about trackables, so I don't miss that. And I never had use for caches for beginners.


Sending caches to your GPSr is simply a matter of checking the caches you want, add them to a list and sending the list.

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With the old list, I could see when a cache that we found was logged by another cacher, and I regularly scanned through our finds to see what comments were made on caches we had found.  Can't do that now unless I click on each find individually, or place a watch on every find we make!  Don't like the new list at all!!!!!!

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2 hours ago, 4heberts said:

I regularly scanned through our finds to see what comments were made on caches we had found. 

I don't like the new format either but if you map the geocaches you can get a bunch of sorting options.   

One of those is by date logged (new to old or old to new).

It's all your finds of caches that are active rather than recent finds though.   


The distance (far to near) sort gives some weird results.

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