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Upgrading the app won't let me download

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4 hours ago, hikerjames52 said:

I've had the geocaching app on my tablet and I took it off to upload the new app. Now it says it won't download on my tablet. Where did that option go? 


An 8 year old tablet?

Does it have at least Android version 5 (Lollipop)?

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3 minutes ago, hikerjames52 said:


The old paid app stopped working a while ago.

The new Official App and another App I was gonna recommend each require at least 5.0.


I have tablets and a phone about as old.  If you like, I can check what I have on those.  With a tablet, my main plan was to use it as a database (and work on logs at WiFi hotspots), handheld GPS for the main Geocaching device, so it didn’t matter if The App didn’t work.

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11 hours ago, hikerjames52 said:

I was gonna use the tablet cause it's got a larger screen than my phone. I shouldn't have deleted the old app. 



The old App really did stop working.  It popped up a warning and all.  I kept it for a while, but all is did was the warning.  I couldn't even just use it to hunt custom waypoints.  But tablets have such glare outdoors, I never used mine for serious caching.


My tablets are in storage, so I checked my Verizon G'zOne.  It has Android version 4.1.2.  I was not able to install the App that works, so I deleted the previous version.  The only thing I see that might work is Google Maps that came with the phone.  Type coordinates, and an icon is placed over the spot.  You have to be online, of course, or at least remain in the on-screen map area if you go offline.  Since you'd be online with this plan anyway, you might be able to access Geocaching.com, then select "Driving Directions" from any cache page.  I didn't test how well my old browser works, because you'd have to test yours anyway.


If you're using it as your phone, and don't intend to upgrade just yet, you must accept the limits of what it can do for Geocaching.  Google Maps might still get you into the general area.  You could send a cache page or two as a PDF or text file, into the Documents or Downloads folder in the phone, along with map screen shots and photos, including satellite map screen shots, and open them in the web browser or PDF reader, whatever existing App can read files.  That would be handier than paper print-outs.



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