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Meet requirements from months and can't get 2d AL

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Hi ! 
I meet requirements from months to get a 2d AL, like i see into the request form : I'm aGeocaching Premium member, I have found at least two Adventure Lab Caches (last in April 2020) and I  do not have a current credit or active Adventure.

I got the message that I successfully filled out the form but no feedback for months (December 2, 2020).
I have a project in a tourist area not yet provided with AdventureLabs. There's a good opportunity to create one there.
My partner received one, but we can't transfer her AL from her account to mine.
In my region, only 2 labs, including mine, and I also see that in the region next door, there are 4 for the same city. Is this any restriction now to get another AL ? 
I enjoy make AL on regions that's have a potential for AL and I hope that AdventureLabs will still be available to create one in the desired area (lakes, cottages, very touristy) 
Thx for your reply.

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From our Help Center:

The Geocaching Adventure Lab® app is in the next phase of its evolution. For now, Geocaching HQ’s first priority is to make sure that Premium members who qualify receive at least one credit.  


If you are interested in creating an Adventure Lab experience with up to 5 Locations, check your eligibility and submit your request on our opt-in page (also available in the Adventure Lab® app). A “credit” gives access to the Adventure Lab Builder to create an Adventure. If you own multiple Geocaching.com accounts, please apply with only one account.


We are selecting geocachers regularly from those who meet the criteria and are in locations we are targeting. We occasionally provide opportunities to receive additional second and third credits. There is no need for users to write in, these credits are based on a random selection (with geographic distribution) and will take place at least two times in 2021. If you complete your Adventure and make it Public by June 30, 2021, you have the chance to be selected to create an additional Adventure.  

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