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[BUG?] 8.46.2 - GPS accuracy missing from map navigation; compass navigates to main coordinates, even if other waypoint selected

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I updated the app today before I set out. I noticed two changes in 8.46.2 that I am not wild about.


Thing 1: GPS accuracy no longer appears when navigating using the map view. It was available in every version I can remember up until this one. Its absence is not good. I would like it back. The only way I can see the accuracy of GPS reception is to use the compass view - and that creates another issue.


Thing 2: The compass navigation apparently will only work for the published coordinates for a cache. I was using the map view to navigate to the parking coordinates of a multi, which should have been 0.3 miles or so ahead of me. When I switched to compass view, the needle said I had only 0.1 miles to go. That's where the published stage 1 coordinates of the multi were. The destination coordinates at the bottom of the compass screen confirmed that it was trying to take me to stage 1 and not the parking coordinates.


I will try to add screen shots when my phone charges up some more.

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Same too. If I change the coordinates after solving a unknown cache, the final is shown correctly at the map, but it shows the distance to the header/posted coordinates. And the shown distance to the cache on the map doesn't change when you are moving, it is necessary to click again on the cache-icon to get the actual distance.

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Agree - we saw both these things yesterday - we use the map feature all the time, both driving and walking - not havng the distance count down as you move is a show stopper.

Taking the distance from the listed corords instead of the highlighted waypoint had us very confused for a while! I look forward to both these being rectified.

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This issue is still happening..  We have been working on puzzles and updating them on the web site..  but when we go back to the app and click navigate it will only take us to the original coords, not the corrected ones..   so for now we cant seem to do anything without actual coords on e site to start with..   drag...

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