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How many caches have you hidden in total?

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I'll play.


I have hidden 9, 2 of which are still active (but I'm going to archive one of them soon).


I like to hide larger caches if I can, or caches in an interesting spot. So I don't have a lot of them out there.

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I have hidden 12, 1 now archived (it was archived because one of the guys that lives near it didn't like the cache so he made his own account so he could find them and contacted HQ and claimed it was his land so it he could have it archived, I have heard he also did it to a few other caches), and 2 unpublished (if you count those caches I have 14). One of them is an earth cache the others are all traditional caches.

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312 total (this includes 2 adventure labs, counted as 10  caches)

105 active (this does not include the AL), ages between 18 years and 6 months.


I had planned to pull and archive 4 today, but got rained out. I'll get those out sometime in the next month or so. Likely will pull 3 paddle caches next time I'm up that way. 

Pre-Covid, I had plans for more paddle cache placements. Didn't get that done. Now not so sure about doing it at all.

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In my eight years of caching I've hidden 49 caches, 8 of which I've since archived, plus I've adopted another 3 and have hosted 3 events. So right now I have 44 active hides, made up of 15 traditionals, 17 multis, 11 mysteries (including 2 challenge caches and 2 AL bonus caches) and 1 earthcache. I've also created 2 Adventure Labs but my profile page insists I've made 10 of those.

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If you ask me it would be a guess, I have no idea without checking my profile which anyone can do if they're interested.

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I have hidden many. Seven are still active and 2 were published and are now archived. The rest are caches that never made it past publication to to several factors. The seven which are active are currency themed caches located in Brisbane, Australia.

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21, but 2 are archived, so I have 19 active caches. I only publish the numbers that I am prepared to regularly check for maintenance, and to check the log was signed.


Unfortunately some people publish a lot of caches, but aren't prepared to put in the maintenance. Some people's idea of maintenance, when a problem occurs, leave the cache as litter and archive. Numbers don't mean everything.

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138 hides, 50 of which are archived, meaning 88 are active, over my past 10 years and change of caching.  Of those active caches, 18 are adopted.  The caches I take care of range in age from 1 year old to 19 years old.

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Easy enough to grab the data from my profile:

Of those, 1 traditional and 1 mystery are archived; the lab cache(s) don't add in to the total, and never have.  I've been geocaching since March, 2017, Just over 4 years.

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On 4/12/2021 at 8:56 AM, colleda said:

If you ask me it would be a guess, I have no idea without checking my profile which anyone can do if they're interested.

OK, I'll play.:rolleyes:

109 hidden. 83 still active.

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3 hours ago, Hynz said:

What exactly is the point of this thread? :unsure:


Compairing numbers as always - the more the better!? Who is the "better" hider?


It is not about the numbers but about many other factors. I "only" have hidden 37 caches in 12 years (plus events which I don't count). My current goal is to hide one (in numbers: 1) cache per year so even less then before. My latest mystery cache took me more than 100 hours of creating and in this time I could have thrown out 100 simple traditionals.


So please do not look for the pure numbers if you want to "judge" others. I don't want to compare my overall effort in cache hiding to someone with several 100 hides. And I know that there are great cache owners who created one cache that took them years to build - I don't want to compare with them either.


It is not about the numbers but about if you (!) like the caches. And that's subjective, of course, so I don't want to talk about cache quality here (*). :-)




(*) Mine are the best, of course! :-)

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