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I am having problems with the Geocaching map on browser.

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It isn't just me!! Thanks other geocachers for reporting this. I don't have time to be without my computer right now. When I started checking other browsers I decided it must be Chrome. I only have problems with the search map. I can get the browse map but I am planning a trip and need that search map.

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Intalled / updated Firefox to use instead of Chrome and while loading the search-map I'm having the following things to be seen at bottom right:


TLS-Handshake mit tiles0x.geocaching.com wird durchgeführt...

TLS-Handshake mit tiles0x.geocaching.com abgeschlossen...


all the time.....with a very very slow build of the search map which finally resulted with an incomplete mp after a miute with a 1k internetline


So switching the browser to firefox will not bring the expected result finally....

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See TheDeanBoys' post above.  The "Browse Map" (identifiable by a big "Search" button) might work better.


Note that there are two "sides" to the Browse Map: Google and "Leaflet" (a misnomer).  Open the left panel, Preferences, and try the other setting.  There's different code for each side, so one might work while the other doesn't.  (Best maps are on the Leaflet side, IMHO.)


Some phone caching apps are full-featured and offer similar functionality; there's another option.


PS, a note to the developers:  are your timeouts big enough for the non-local-city real world?  My electrons sometimes go around the planet once before reaching Groundspeak (I'm tinkering with the VPN), and I've been seeing that blowing-chunks message sporadically for months.  Taking "the long way" on a good VPN should add less than a second, and of course, some people are half a planet away whether they use a VPN or not.


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