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Recovery and ready to go!


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Where to begin! It’s been a year recovery for me. So a brief little summary of why I am where I am will suffice.


I was a Chef spent 25 years in foodservice. Had a great time in RI. Till 2017 when all he’ll rained down on me, lost my house and ended up going to get my CDL here in TX.


I did it, awesome! 2 years trucking around, loved it. The 6/20 again a twist. In Atlanta GA on I20 got hit by a drunk driver with suspended license, driving a uhaul, not the rig but as a pedestrian trying to assist a 4 wheeler that out of no where slammed into guardrail.


well been in rehabilitation since. Recovery has gone well. And so now am looking for a good spot to cache in, and hoping it’s near Anna, Dallas or groesbeck .. TX.


Also could use a moderate hike to a great cache! At the moment have no idea when I can hunt down coordinates , but first need to see if I can handle a  2 mile or so hike.

My OT & Physical therapists are not aware of my plans yet, so hoping they will go along with this as well! Still at rehabilitation atm, but figure I can start looking... so where are your best and finest fondest memorable CC’s ?


well hopefully this post is making sense, tbi and has taken its toll, but again will update as I get back to our beloved obsession GEOCACHINg soon enough!




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There are a number of caches in the area north of DFW, not sure about Grosebeck. If you want to meet some other caches, plan a visit to Tatum (just south of Longview) on the 23rd & 24th. There is a Fish Fry on Friday night, Saturday breakfast event, CITO, and a Community Celebration Event with live entertainment.

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17 hours ago, yawppy said:

TY k13


I won't be discharged till late June.. will give it a look though.

I will most likely have a Fish Fry Event and a CITO in September again this year. I've hosted them for about 3 or 4 years now, and see nothing at this time to prevent it this fall.

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