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A category of this name - (Sports Multifarious) - was proposed by Lee, the Vulture a few days ago. It does sound like a potential winner, given the small amount of positive feedback received.

I might, just might, be interested in continuing the thought, given a sufficiently positive response.


Given that I haven't yet afforded the topic a considerable amount of thought, I have, at present, a small list of potential sports which said category may encompass, but first I need to hear from you. Particularly, I need to hear from the Europeans, the Aussies, the Kiwis, and, really, everyone who feels they might know of a sport which is not widely known, yet ferociously played and attended locally.


North Americans, don't fear to jump in with your "less-than/not-quite mainstream" sports. The more the better.


Just sitting here perusing my (admittedly malfunctioning) memory, I can think of a number which may be greater than the number of my manual digits, possibly even my pedal digits, as well.



BTW - Lee, this was your idea. You gonna sign on as an officer?


So?... ... ...

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This is where this began:

"maybe an idea for a new category -- Recreation - Sports Multifarious.


In my area, they have started making Pickleball Courts - which would have the same problem. When I was in school, we had a Flickerball Field - think Basketball-ish goal, played with an American football, absolutely NO CONTACT. Played a lot like Soccer, lots of passing, not much running with the ball."



Good idea? Will we ever know?


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1 hour ago, vulture1957 said:

as I am not a PM, I don't think being an officer works very well.


Well, Lee, pay your dues and jump in!!

You have no idea how much fun you're missing out on by standing on the sidelines, spilling your beer at each mediocre play.

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Hmm, a category to fit everything but baseball, basketball, tennis, and swimming (since that's covered in public pools)? Am I missing anything.


Some things that could potentially be included in this category that comes to mind:


Handball (do elementary school courts count?)


Pickleball (I think this should go into Tennis if this category passes)

Racketball (Maybe tennis?)

Outdoor ping pong (Possibly tennis?)

Soccer (Football for those Europeans)

Rowing/sailing stadiums

Sports car stadiums (maybe?)

Equestrian Centers (There's a ton near me, but this may warrant its own category)

Anything else???


What about a running track that encompasses a stadium? Would these be included (I think yes as stadiums are multi-purpose).

What if there is a professional soccer stadium? Could this be waymarked in this new category or strictly be for non-professional stadiums?


I would be on board with this if we discuss all possible outcomes here first. I think it has potential.

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Thanks for your list, Bluesnote. It, too, has been copied for posterity.

I see at least one item that will die a quick death:

"Handball (do elementary school courts count?)"

Handball - OK

elementary school courts - absolutely NOT


I see that you have veered off into sports venues with Rowing/sailing stadiumsSports car stadiums and Equestrian Centers.

The initial idea here was to Waymark actual sports, as opposed to sports venues. I realize that this presents a bit of a paradox, in that pretty much all sports are played within a specific, or shared, venue. You've inadvertently revealed an innate conundrum with a category proposal of this nature, one with which we may need to wrestle at length.


"What about a running track that encompasses a stadium? Would these be included (I think yes as stadiums are multi-purpose).

What if there is a professional soccer stadium? Could this be waymarked in this new category or strictly be for non-professional stadiums?"


Running tracks - I should think yes, as running is a sport recognized in the Olympics.

Soccer - no hard and fast rules have yet been developed with regard to professional, as opposed to amateur, sports. This will most likely be determined by the Waymarking community at large.

Remember, we're now at the proposal stage, no more, no less.



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3 hours ago, ScroogieII said:


Noted and copied for posterity, BUT - explain cornhole ... ...

Cornhole is a variation of horseshoes, played with beanbags. Boards at each end with holes for the "ringer".


ESPN actually was airing Cornhole Championships in 2020 when all "real" sports were cancelled.

Around here they are found outside a number of brewpubs. And at most tailgate parties.

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11 hours ago, bluesnote said:

Racketball (Maybe tennis?)

Outdoor ping pong (Possibly tennis?)


+ Squash (click)
+ Teqball - which by accident comes out to be a sport of inspiration for this category :D


And I don't think these would fit into tennis - it would probably depend what the officer likes or not and nobody wants that to be the case. Either Tennis Facilities should fit every tennis-be-like sports (which is currently not the case), or only basic tennis and let Multifarious category take care of the rest. I like the 1st option, but that's me.


I would propose, that this category should focus on not so popular sports, to give them as examples, but allowing any other sport which doesn't fit anywhere else. I recognize Soccer or Volleyball as popular sports, but given that there is no category for them yet, then they are not so popular here - in the Waymarking community. Or they would have been?


And one more thing - are we focusing on outdoor activities only or on indoor too? So Soccer fields would be OK, but any indoor halls for futsal (click) would be not?


Anyway, as I already said, I like the whole idea :)

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In general I'm also in favor of the new category.


Instead of listing every kind of sports that is allowed, I think it is easier to list which kinds of sports are prohibited. All kinds of races (existing category Racetracks) for example.


And IMHO there has to be something (permanent) to see. Not just "a meadow where they often play spikeball with their own net". Other opinions? I know that f.e. "Lawn Bowling" also allows places where people sometimes play Boule in a park, but with some kinds of sports that you can play literally everywhere, we might get a lot of mostly useless waymarks.


Remark: Just saw a video of Cornhole on Youtube. Amazing, what some people are doing.


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Professional Sports Venues are already a category, so the new category has to exclude them. And there are plenty of other sports related categories in the Recreation department. This will be a real challenge, to circumvent all existing category and to always remember what already existed. I would not want to be an officer in this category, no way. The conflicts are already waiting.

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8 hours ago, fi67 said:

Professional Sports Venues are already a category, so the new category has to exclude them. And there are plenty of other sports related categories in the Recreation department. This will be a real challenge, to circumvent all existing category and to always remember what already existed. I would not want to be an officer in this category, no way. The conflicts are already waiting.


Actually, I'm no longer fussy about being an officer in such a category, either.


At first blush a Sports Of All Sorts category seemed quite appealing, as it did to all the Pie in the Sky responders.

I've been mulling the category over for the last day, listing what to include, what to exclude, what to present as possible inclusions, what to present as possible exclusions, etc. The category, to me at least, appeared less appealing with each passing hour. Let's just say that the shine has begun to wear off.


Accepting Lee's proposal of "for it to be a sport, 'points' must be earned, scores kept", which I like, eliminates a good number of "sports" and recreational past times.

Eliminating Motor Sports, Equestrian Sports, Racing, Olympic Sports, leisure activities often considered sports (think sport fishing or hunting) and Professional Sports further reduces the pool of possibilities. AAMOF, it leaves zero possible sports in the immediate area.


Let's look at Waymark redundancy. The first stumbling block occurs at the initial entry under RECREATION, in the list of categories:

Accessible-Designed Recreational Locations - this could be used to encompass a great many sites/venues which this category would include.

Many sports suggested by responders could be played in multipurpose venues, such as soccer or football stadiums. Do we allow only one sport per venue or every possible sport which may be played in the venue? My answer is "I don't know".


Then we have indoor vs outdoor - Do we do only outdoor sports (my choice) or do we include indoor sports (more difficult to access and to Waymark)?


Next we must examine the permanence of venues. Some sports, such as cornhole, employ portable fixtures, allowing the sport to be played most anywhere, the "venue" packed into one's car trunk upon completion of matches, leaving little evidence of its presence.

At present, I'm left with a small list of mostly obscure regionalized or localized sports, mostly team sports.


This is not to say that these regional sports must be ignored. I leave it to, possibly, one of our European members to pick up the ball and see this proposal through.

I would be quite willing to assist in such a venture, but have no further interest in shepherding it myself.

Sorry, sports fans.


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Thanks Keith for the last post mentioning some of the issues. I needed some time to list everything what is in my mind: pros, cons, issues, so I was writing things up. These forum always kept unfinished replies in form of a draft, and now for me it didn't and thoughts I collected here got lost. I don't blame the website, It's on me. I will try to recreate what I have written before.


I see the category as a chance to list various places for sports which are:
- not very-well known, unique, local (examples listed above as: teqball, fodbold-golf and more..)

- don't have their own category yet.

  1. I agree that we should focus only on places that are outdoors. It's easier to waymark them.
  2. These places should also be accessible for everyone who wants to use them. So no need to exclude Professional Sport Venues, as these are not something this category would be looking for.
  3. The proposal of "for it to be a sport, 'points' must be earned, scores kept" is something I agree with. But also many games (which are not exactly sports) could and should fit easily here, like cornhole mentioned above (there is a separate thing about it being permanent, I will get to that later). So overall this would create something like Outdoor Sports and Games? Of course no redundancy allowed, so everything which has its own category should go there (e.g. Lawn Bowling).
  4. One place/field/court/playground = one waymark.
    So if it happens to be a multi-functional facility for more than one sport, this should be listed as one.

    Fitting some sports in this category would create differences in approach, e.g. handball and volleyball courts could be listed here, but basketball has its own category - Outdoor Basketball Courts. This is something not really problematic (only aesthetic), but it can be in some cases:

    Boiska wielofunkcyjne - budowa i cena za boisko

    So here we can see two basketball courts which are part of a bigger field which can be multi-functional. How should we list such places? This can be clearly added to the mentioned basketball category, but I guess also to the Tennis Facilities (the blue field in the middle)? So we already have two different categories for this place, but it should also be possible to add it as a handball court (or soccer, as such places are often used for both). I would really love to hear someone who has an idea how to approach this.
    I think we should add such play fields only focusing on sports which can fit into this category only. Others could be listed in the description but the requirement is to have at least one sport which doesn't fit into any other category. When there is more than one such sports, just do a 2 in 1 waymark.
  5. The waymarked place had to be permanent. There needs to be either a sign showing the purpouse of this place or a recognizable element(s) of the game which can be played there. I think that is clear it has to be like this. Every game in a non-permanent form, unfolded on the site and taken away by the players should not be considered. So cornhole would be fine, but only when there is already a permanent platform at the site.
  6. More about redundancy. Keith brought up the Accessible-Designed Recreational Locations. This category is to list recreational places designed for disabled people. Honestly I don't see the problem here, but maybe I'm looking wrong at it. Let's take something that may interfere. If we have as an example a Wheelchair basketball court, then it can be added there, but it would also fit into our Outdoor Sports category Outdoor Basketball Courts. It is still sports, but nicely it is also designed for disabled people. We could just forbid cross-Waymarking, but I think sometimes it would be really hard to determine who is right and where it fits more. I also believe such cases would be rare. Since 2009 there are 211 waymarks in ADRL and by looking at them I see that the most would not even fit into our sports category.

    Other categories.
    I think we can create a list of not allowed sports and games, as there is already a place for them in Waymarking. I've seen such lists in some categories that already exist and I don't think it's too hard to create such. I went through the categories and listed them below.

    Excluded outdoor sports and games:
    Baseball -> Amateur Baseball Fields
    Basketball -> Outdoor Basketball Courts
    Golf, including:
    Disc Golf -> Disc Golf Courses
    Mini Golf -> Miniature Golf
    Regular Golf -> Public and Private Golf Courses
    Hockey -> Inline Hockey Rinks
    Laser Tag Facilities -> Laser Tag Facilities I've realized that this is indoor.
    Lawn Bowling -> Lawn Bowling
    Shooting Ranges -> Shooting Ranges
    Tennis -> Tennis Facilities

    I think that is everything? Correct me if I'm wrong. Not so much I guess. We can always add "that any other sports that can be listed in other category should not be listed here", but that is kind of obvious.


All these are my thoughts, so it would be nice to hear comments, especially from more experienced waymarkers. But for me it seems like a possible category to do ;)



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Even if we excluded the playing grounds of elementary schools, would there not be football/soccer pitches and/or running tracks every few blocks of urban space?

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8 hours ago, elyob said:

would there not be football/soccer pitches and/or running tracks every few blocks of urban space?


I think you could say the same about Basketball Courts (or public playgrounds - they are everywhere!), and they do have their own category - only for them. I would even say that places to play basketball are more common in some regions. I don't know how it looks in your area, but in mine I can count one nearest football field (not a professional one) and at least two for basketball. It all depends. Surely there are some small football fields in many areas, but they are not a sure thing - especially if we count only public, standalone places, free for all.


One thing I forgot to mention in regards to your question. This category would not be interested in running tracks as there are no points to count. Shortly said: you can't play "running".



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I agree completely with your comparison to basketball courts and playgrounds, the two categories that I can actually waymark during a pandemic with no travel.  Soon I can add football fields to my travel-free collecting.

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