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Got logged out from the web site. Can't log in again.

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Hi all,

After the downtime on march 23 the website has terrible quality, during lunchtime in Germany the Performance is very pur.

How ever, recherche, logging or other is not possible to do. When it will be better?

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10 minutes ago, KRON family said:

Maybe similar problem at geocaching.com/find:
You must validate your account before you can find other users. Visit your profile page for validation instructions.

Everything worked yesterday.


Not sure what your issue is, but I was able to "find" your name without even using all caps.  :)

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Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure about that.

Both emails were marked as "Validated".

So I (gradually) deleted, added and validated both emails.

I still get the same error messages, even on my mobile. I'm going to sleep, maybe it'll work itself out overnight.


EDIT: Helped re-request a validation email at https://www.geocaching.com/v/send.aspx. The first attempt was unsuccessful (message: you have entered an incorrect login name or password; but I'm logged in and there are no username and password entries in the form), seccond was successful.

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