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Update on Adventure Lab® platform vision - March 30, 2021

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3 hours ago, Max and 99 said:

Regarding the new feature of Adventure Labs where it shows the Red pins of all the locations by tapping on the icon: how do I get the Red pins to go away! Do I just have to disable the feature again?

It would appear to me that the red pins only appear when you have the Adventure “focused”; ie. the details summary appears at the bottom of the map. Tapping a blank region of the map makes the pins disappear. 

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Given that the Lab cache experiment started 10 years or more ago, can we please confirm that the experiment has been a success and make Lab caches mainstream.


Let us add D/T ratings.  Let us add attributes.  Give us notifications of finds.  Let us delete bogus logs.  \


Make Lab caches behave like any other cache type.  Please.

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