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Map issues when working from Lists

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I use lists quite a lot.
In the past, if I go to my lists and click on the map button of one of the lists it showed me the map containing the caches on the list.
Now (? most of the time, or always - not sure) doing this takes me to a map centred on my home address, but with the list caches named in the lefthand column. But if I then move the map to where the list geocaches are, they are all sitting there correctly. This is fine if it is a relatively local list - not so good if I am preparing a list for a foreign holiday! (Chance would be a fine thing with Covid!) An alternative way of getting to the "correct" map when this happens is to click on "Search" at the top of the lefthand column, then click on My Lists at the top of the lefthand column, and then select the list.

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I am having similar issues.  When I try to open the map option from a list or an individual cache on a list I get a blank page.  On the main page of an individual cache clicking on enlarge map on the small location map bottom right results in a blank page.  Clicking on Play on my dashboard page then on the drop down item view map results in a blank page.  However if I scroll down the play drop menu to Browse Map I do get the map of all caches centred on my location.  I can move this to the area I want to view but this does not get me to a picture just of the caches in a saved list.  Having not been on the site for  maybe 3 weeks I have no idea when this started.  I have logged out and in, restarted PC all to to avail.


All ideas welcome.  Any suggestion more positive than chuck my PC out the window welcome!

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