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Each player of the game takes part at his or her own risk so I've never had insurance at any of my CITOs. You give attendees a H&S briefing beforehand  - and provide hand-washing kit if you want but that's it. Sadly, I do know that some councils (mine included) won't even entertain the idea of volunteers litter-picking on council land, without insurance. When they told me I need insurance to organise a CITO for them (with them to provide kit) I walked away and did one somewhere else.


One way of getting round what's becoming a common talking point is to liaise with the local land managers who may also use volunteers for other activities. Everyone 'signs in' at the beginning of the activity, listens to the H&S briefing, then becomes a temporary member of the organisation for as long as it takes to complete the activity. Some land managers insurers provide cover specifically on this basis. Given that (as I understand it) you also need to provide proof of land manager's permission before embarking  in a CITO, these days, it would make sense to ask them about their insurance provision if it's something that bothers you.


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Thanks. I am part of a newly founded Litter picking group and need insurance to have a stall on the market and other council run events and we wondered  if we should get day insurance or annual  as we might need it for litter picking events. Geocaching CITO wad the closest thing I  could think of that is like what we want to do, but it would mainly be on the streets and parks of Ely. So mainly council land. Interesting advice to take back to the committee. Thanks

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Because of the way the game of geocaching is designed, neither Groundspeak (the business company that runs geocaching) not any attendee I've ever spoken to on a CITO has required insurance. It will usually be the land manager who gives permission for you to be on their land, who may mention it and may demand it.   As geocachers we undertake this hobby (and attend CITO events) as individuals and no-one else but us is liable for our own injuries! If you want geocachers to join you on your litter-picking activities, the only thing I can think of that your organisation might consider worth paying out for on a CITO, is 3rd party insurance (i.e. costs incurred or injury caused to any member of the public, by an attendee of your event).

It does sound like a geocaching CITO is really something which would be worth you including... and submitting a CITO event page for publication, the next time you want lots of local free labour! That will get lots of geocachers to join you and you might even recruit a few really local locals for your own initiative too! Unfortunately, at the moment, because of Covid-19, NO events (including CITOS) are currently being published at all. This has sadly been the case since March 24th 2020. We have had no guarantee from the UK reviewers (who publish event-pages online) when CITO events are likely to be allowed to go ahead again but my guess is around June, when all the pubs open again - or later. 

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50 minutes ago, mellers said:

   As geocachers we undertake this hobby (and attend CITO events) as individuals and no-one else but us is liable for our own injuries! 


Sorry to the OP who's requesting "in the UK" responses, but I agree.    :)

 - - And if a property owner required insurance from others to help them in a CITO, we don't know of anyone who'd attend.

Usually micro-managing is limited to maybe name and location, but more than that doesn't make sense.

We had one try that nearby once (a CITO), and I asked if those people walking their dog filled out a form to enter the park too.   ;)

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