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Resign my Leader role?

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How do I transfer my leader role to someone else? 


I no longer have a premium account and haven't for years. I'm also not geocaching or Waymarking much anymore. I'm leader of a group and have asked a member to take the role but can't see how I can promote him to leader, only to officer. 

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Yes I found that page. I can promote a member to officer status, but not to Leader. I think it might be because I'm no longer PM. I thought about resigning the Leader role, that's an option. But I don't know if that leaves the category without a leader. Can the person who stepped up to be a leader self-promote when the category is leader-less?  

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Hmmm. Come to think of it, that happened to me too, years ago. 

I'm thinking it most likely because I'm not PM anymore. I may need to go ahead and just resign. Maybe it will automatically give the leader role to an officer. 

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You have to go to the group, click on your name and click on "Resign as Leader of this Group (no vote required)"

The next officer on the list will be promoted leader

In few categories where you are the leader, i am the only active officer, i would appreciate to be the leader, just change rights to put me on second rank and resign your leadership

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