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Splitting up String Variables


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I am trying to create save/load game function in my RPG Wherigo that will save and load EXP, Gold, and items the player carries. Is it possible to split up a 6 letter string variable so that each Letter is displayed as a separate variable?


 For example, I have Var A = WXEFOQ. Is it possible to split this up into 6 variables? I.e. Var1 = W, Var2 = X, Var3 = E, Var4 = F, Var5 = O, Var6 = Q


I am trying to create a series of If/else statements that will read each letter and call back how much gold, exp, and items the player carries.  

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Assuming your string is exactly six letter long;


local s = "WXEFOQ";

local c1 = string.sub(s, 1, 1); -- c1 = "W"
local c2 = string.sub(s, 2, 2); -- c2 = "X"
local c3 = string.sub(s, 3, 3); -- c3 = "E"
local c4 = string.sub(s, 4, 4); -- c1 = "F"
local c5 = string.sub(s, 5, 5); -- c2 = "O"
local c6 = string.sub(s, 6, 6); -- c3 = "Q"


However, this requires a whole bunch of additional variables. A more "general" solution might be to explode the string to a table (aka array)...


function explode(s)
    local characters = {}
    for i = 1, #s do
        characters[i] = string.sub(s, i, i)
    return characters

local characters = explode("WXEFOQ") -- { 1 = "W", 2 = "X", 3 = "E" ... }


...and then to access table elements in your conditions...


if (characters[1] == "W") then ... end
if (characters[2] == "X") then ... end
-- and so on.


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