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You are attempting to upload an invalid GWZ file.


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I already created a lot of Wherigo. I am not a newbie.

I create a new fiction, test it on webwigo.com & my android device. I also test the compilation on all device on Wherigo foundation. I uploaded it on Wherigo foundation without any issue.

I can’t upload it on Wherigo.com. The only message I have is « You are attempting to upload an invalid GWZ file. » with no more detail (I am sure the gwz file is correct).

Is it possible to know what is really behind this message ?

Best regards
François (fm34)

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It could, quite honestly, be literally anything. Off the top of my head;

  • How large is the .gwz? There is a file-size limit. I think it's around 20mb. The WF has a higher limit, which is why it works there.
  • Is there any HTML in the Lua source? You cannot have any HTML in the Lua (ie. if you've used "<BR>" to insert a line break, remove that.)
  • Are there any additional media that's a bit non-traditional? If you've got some strange files in the .gwz, it might be getting confused.

Other than than, I'm not really sure. If you e-mail me the .gwz I'm happy to take a deeper look.

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Hi Hügh,


Thanks for your answer.


The size of my GWZ file is about 5.39Mb. The media files I used are only .jpg & .mp3.

I had some <BR> in my lua file. I removed it. The error continues to occur. ?


Do you have other ideas ?




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Hm. That is very strange... some more ideas, off the top of my head.

  • Is there more than one .lua file in the .gwz?
  • Are there any accented characters in the cartridge? I doubt that this is the problem, but it might be. Consider making a copy, removing all non-[A-Z a-z 0-9] and uploading that.
  • Is the .gwz actually a .zip file? If you change the extension from .gwz to .zip, does your computer properly decompress it?

Beyond that, I'm not really sure. I'd have to take a look at the cartridge myself.

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Hi Hügh,


Yes, there is only one .lua file in the gwz. There is no accented character in the cartridge and it is a good .gwz file (as you said, I tried to rename it in zip and I am able to open it and see all files).


I can share my cartridge with you. Let me know how I can send it to you (I prefer to not share it here)


Thanks again


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Hi all,


I found my mistakes. I had 2 errors in my cartridge.


The first one is the use of collectgarbage("count") in a debug function (I removed it)

The second one is the use of setmetatable and getmetatable in a duplicate table function. I don't know yet how to fix this one.


Big thank to Hügh for the time and the help he gave to me.



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