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As I was getting the two waymarks for my Waytour of Lawrence, Kansas, a couple of weeks ago, I went ahead and made note some of the National Register buildings that hadn't been completed yet and also was going to grab those.  On the east side of town, there were two older houses, one on the 13th Street and one on 15th Street on the same block of Haskell (important later).  I get the pictures of the house on 15th, I walk to the house on 13th and get the pictures, and as I am walking back, I see this REALLY nice Queen Anne house half-way back to the car (there was no 14th Street here.)  It was actually a nicer house than the two other houses on the National Register - strange....

I do the writeup on the house on 1300 Haskell - come to find out, it was originally owned by the sister of one of the major architects in early Kansas history - her name was Elizabeth HASKELL French and this famous Kansas architect was John Haskell.  Okay, this is cool.  I do the writeup for that Queen Anne - yep, that was John Haskell's house.  I didn't know it, but this was known as "Haskell's Row" with 1300, 1320, and 1340 all originally owned by relatives of John Haskell.  It's happy circumstances like this that continue to fuel my Waymarking fire....




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