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Natural Wonders glitching

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I completed the Wonders of the World challenges last year so now I'm doing the Natural Wonders and started today. I logged a found cache with the Paricutin Volcano but it didn't count the volcano as found. I logged the cache using the website, not the app. Is that why? Do we have to use the app? I don't recall having this issue last year doing the Wonders.


Edit: I restarted my phone because restarting the app didn't work. Restarting the phone now shows the volcano as found. So going forward maybe I'll just do everything in the app until I complete the challenge.

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Fixed issue temporarily
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1 hour ago, S913 said:

Logged 5 new caches today (3 unique Natural wonders) via the iPad app, but non of them counted. Also checked via the website but no luck.


Any update on this issue?

Do you feel comfortable showing a screenshot of your natural wonders profile?

Edit: No need.

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yes I have this problem too- found with official app, saved draft logs to do later at home. Just started logging by accessing the saved drafts on website - 2 went through OK, the third didn't record the Natural Wonder being awarded (also the Grand Canyon one) like the cacher above. Very annoying. Any advice?

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