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Geocaching on Raleigh-Durham TV soon-


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JeffersonStone and myself filmed another TV segment on Friday with the folks from Time Warner Cable. They hid a cache for us, gave us the coordinates, and then filmed the show of us searching for the cache. The location was West Point on the Eno park in Durham, NC. I had not been there for many years (10-12), and had forgotten how beautiful this park is. A good time was had by all, there will be a 30 minute segment on Triangle Profiles, channel 24 on TW cable. We will post more info on when the show airs when the date is set.

Our segment for Playground Earth has been picked up, and it will air later this summer on Fox Sports, I believe. Will post dates as they become available. We may be filming for more shows, will keep you updated.

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JoeyBob, congrats to you and JeffersonStone on your budding TV careers! It sounds like you guys are getting some good advertisement for geocaching in your area. We are trying to do the same down in the Charlotte and Mecklenburg County area. E of Botrytisfree & Erwinia is working on an article for "Creative Loafing" magazine. And adventuretom is working on one for an outdoor adventure magazine. adventuretom has been plastering www.geocaching.com stickers on the backs of GPSr units in Target stores. Juni has written a geocache hunting pamphlet. I have been working on a manual for hiding geocaches. And we have started having monthly meetings. Good luck with your efforts up in the Wake County area!




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Hey Mariner, is there a way I could also get some of those stickers, maybe even pass them out at the next meeting? Are they just computer labels with the website on them, or do they have the special AdventureTom touch? I have seen GPS in best buy, circuit city etc. where I would have loved to slap labels on the back...

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Someone recognized me on the street from watching the tv show! Spooky! He and his son are buying a GPS and have printed out lists of caches to visit.

Odd feeling to have a stranger come up to you like that, glad I'm not keeping a high profile.

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