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North Carolina 100 County Challenge


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Hi all!


Years ago, when I first started GC'n, there was a North Carolina challenge to log at least one cache in every county (100) in NC.  Upon verification, the person had their named engraved on a plaque (if I remember corrected).


I searched for this, and cannot find.  Apologizes if I overlooked, but I would like some help finding again.





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I see you found the NC County Challenge - excellent.


It appears the plaque is actually tied to the NC Delorme Challenge - there is a photo in the gallery of the Delorme plaque visiting the county challenge cache. It also isn't clear how much the plaque has been updated since 2015, but perhaps @OzGuff can weigh in on that if the plaque is a deal breaker.




I love hunting county and Delorme caches, it's my favorite way to get acquainted with the different places the Army has sent us over the years. For caching outside your local area, if you don't have a solid week or so to dedicate to caching, I found it was easier to divide the state up into chunks so I could knock it out over different weekends. That approach worked for me in Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Maryland/Delaware.


I'd recommend you also make sure you're tracking both counties and Delorme pages when you're out and about. When I first lived in Virginia in 2009, it didn't yet have the independent city and county challenges it now has, just the Delorme challenge, so I skipped several cities and counties while I was going around qualifying for the Delorme Challenge. And then, of course, the city and county challenges were published after I'd already done my big trips, and I didn't have time to go back out. When I moved back to the state years later, I had some more trips to take in order to get all the cities and counties I needed.


(Not that I'm complaining, mind you. It was a labor of love. But if I'd done the legwork for all of those at the same time, I might have had time to go through North Carolina and hit those challenges instead of retracing my steps through Virginia.)


I also recall at least one other county/Delorme run, maybe it was Oklahoma, where I didn't plot a cache correctly and thought it was on one page, when it was actually on another. Thankfully it wasn't too far from home and I could fix that in a day, and I didn't have to go 200+ miles out of my way.


Good luck, and have fun.

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Slightly off-topic but does anyone know of the website (non-geocaching) that had a challenge where if you took your picture standing in front of a "welcome to" sign for every county in North Carolina they would send you a plaque/medal or something and put your name on their list? I saw this several years ago and a few people had already completed it. I'd really like to try it but google isn't helping and I can't find the link in my bookmarks.

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