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Caches big enough to leave a TB or 2.

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Long shot but worth a try, I have a couple of TB's i need to drop off, I haven't been caching for awhile and have a couple of Travelbugs sitting around since covid started and it's about time I let them  go so putting this out there.


I am looking for a cache/s big enough to leave a TB or 2, I visit Mackay regularly and am heading to Townsville next weekend, Is there any fellow cachers that could give me some cache codes to hunt down so I can possibly drop off the Travelbugs that I have and send them back on their journey. 

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Hi Mort68,

You are a Premium Member: Just start geocaching.com at yor PC. Click at Play. Then write your search area for example "Townsville".

Then click at filter. Then click at "Cache size" "regular" and "large". If you like you can set other filter settings, too. Click at search and cose your favorite Caches.

Have a nice day. Greetings Johannis10

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You may have more region-specific luck asking your question on Facebook.


There's a Geocaching Queensland group with about 500 members, and a more local Geocaching Townsville group also with just under 500 members. Someone there may be able to point you towards specific caches if you're trying to avoid going out and hunting some down yourself. 

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