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Check your Geocache rank!!!


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I found this cool site while reading some of the posts on the message boards. If you haven't seen it, check your rank acording to city, state, country, or world! It gave me a new reason to go out caching... to get a better rank.


Here is the site for the Memphis area, but you can easily navigate the site to change it.




P.S.: Feel free to use this board for trash talking too! icon_biggrin.gif

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Dang... Just when I had laid out my plans to get into the top 50 in atleast 3 states by the end of 2002 - For CT that just 15 and RI just 7 finds, that should take just about take-up Thanksgiving break icon_biggrin.gif


But now I got to worry about staying in the top 5 for RDU..... I may have to stop sleeping so that I can keep up my professional ranking icon_wink.gif


If it weren't for geology, you'd have nothing to stand on.

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I noted a number of discrepancies that the insidecorner website hadn't picked up. You'll need to verify by selecting the list logs, and compare it with the geocaching log list.


insidecorner has an update utility to bring his system inline w/ geocaching.com.


One problem that I noted though is that insidcorner doesn't follow strictly the same rules as within 100 mile radius as geocaching.com does. Hence some of the far off caches like our local Memphis -> LPS005 and BOOTY BOX that are just in the 100 mile limit, are excluded.

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The numbers don't mean much to me. I like being on the first page, of course, but I think the best thing about the stats page is that it lets you see who's active in the area.


I wish I'd seen it before we planned the WTG Picnic in June. Some of the features of the site would have made our planning easier.


As for my numbers, I think I'll try to cache in bursts that leave my ratio of hidden:found a prime number. icon_wink.gif


- "This river dont go to Aintry. You done taken a wrong turn." -

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WooT? Anything to get my goat, eh BitBrain?

Chuckling on my end here ( icon_biggrin.gif ).


I typically only post on the forums' if I have to stand upon principle, a question to ask, or occasionally if I have a dead horse to beat.


I'd rather though be out there hunting or placing caches. (More walk, than talk icon_smile.gif )


Besides, We seemingly have a young (newer) group of firebrand cachers that are really burning up the trails hunting caches.


I myself have given some serious thought to stealing away the "Mississippi Mud Crown of Master Cache Finding" (Great name, eh? icon_biggrin.gif) away from JamieZ and Pater47 -If I'm laidoff.


With the IT job market being as it is, what else will I have to do until the budgets are approved for the next fiscal year! icon_smile.gificon_cool.gificon_rolleyes.gif

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Pater... I was only able to hit three. I had plans for an additional 3 or 4, but I got a really late start out of New Orleans, and I had to be back here for class in the morning.


Anyway, I put this chart together, which shows the trend among the four top finders/hiders in MS. My numbers didn't quite match Dan's stat page, but they were close:




Looks like Mojesic is on a rampage.



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Originally posted by Blodlizrd:

...chart of my own.

icon_biggrin.gif I see SoupNazi passed me up briefly at around five. That musta been when I went out on that date with a girl.




Oh yeah, my chart will already have to be updated, I've just gotten some log notifications from Leatherneck.

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There are only 60 active caches in the Memphis area based on the info I got off of the ranking site. If Salvo has 65 icon_eek.gif ... then as long as he doesn't quit geocaching, he will have a firm grasp on the 1 spot. I guess I will just try for the top 5. Unless some of the earlier cachers jump up a log a bunch.

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Well guys, I guess I need to figure out how to get the time to start chasing the leaders. If my customers will quit breaking stuff on the weekends, I might get time to at least make a respectable showing. I haven't seen a green ammo box in several weeks now and my palms are starting to get hairy icon_rolleyes.gif I need to cache more and sleep less.


Slave to the almighty dollar




Be verry verry quiet we're hunting caches

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icon_biggrin.gif I like your avatar Blodlizrd, which series did that come from?


Blod, I won't be giving up on the Memphis caches for quite some time to come. I've got my sites set firmly on hitting 1K caches by 6/1/2003. So you can see that I'll be hitting everything within a 6hr drive radius around me. (Check my goals on my profile page!)


Cachercarry, I'd often felt like that too as I used to work in the service/maintenance electronics industry. I miss it, but I like my weekends too! Hang in there buddy!

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Rise from the dead, O' thread of yesteryore.


Ok... that was kind of a dumb way to bump this, but a lot has changed since I originally posted this. Not in the least being my avatar which is now from a series called Azumanga Daigo.


Salvo used to be top dog... now it looks like MD is holding on to the top spot. Very intresting.



My skills are ferior!

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The way the site has been gathering the info from Geocaching.com has been a little janky since GC.com changed the format of the way the logs update. Now it looks like it only updates after someone else goes to the cache. I looked and yours was at 19 finds... "The Loop" was the only one not registering. I fixed it for you though.



My skills are ferior!

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I was on top for a couple of days awhile back. Then MD got the best of me when I finnaly got a job. I havn't looked at the stats in a while. Mainly cause the firewall blocks the site here at work, and I forget to check when I'm at home. I'm usually more intrested in the first finds by the time I'm at home.


This dang firewall drives me nuts. I've tired to connect to my computer at home so I could browse the internet at home. But not able to get though the firewall. If anyone got an idea I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Well I think you got the PW right but I'm not useing PC anywhere. I havn't tried that one yet. I've been tring Remote Admin. Thats what I use here at work. If you got a copy of PC anywhere I'd like to try that one too.


Also I'm using DSL so the IP changes everytime I logon.

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I don't have a copy of PCAnywhere, sorry Chuckers. As for the dynamic IP... I saw a cool thing on TechTV the other day that you can set up to e-mail you everytime your IP changes. But if someone intercepts your e-mail and gets your IP addy... well, I'm sure you know what that means.


I really wish I could remember the name of the software though... doh!



My skills are ferior!

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