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Mystery container

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It's marked, so it is clearly something.


My assumption would be that it is either a locals' stand-alone game (maybe a school or social group doing something similar to geocaching) or it could be part of another multi - though it really shouldn't be since physical waypoints are meant to be 161m from any caches.


It may also just be genuine rubbish - it was a prop from a play or something and now it's just floating trash.


Odd that you couldn't open it. Those push-on endcaps tend to create a bit of suction, so they can be a bit tough to pull off, but it may have been glued on. The lack of a screw-on end suggests to me that it isn't a cache but more of a marker. Possibly for someone's cross-country run? Or a leftover from a previous run? Is there a carpark or possible starting point about 1km away?

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