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7 hours ago, valliantknight said:

I have recently done a few of these virtual tours linked to trackables. Is there a list or website to find a few more? This seems to be an excellent way to pass the time  whilst we have to keep our heads down in these strange times..


Never heard of a "Trackable Virtual Tour", but see yours seem to be located in the UK.   

It sounded like Geotours, where some give you a coin upon completion, and the "virtual" part made me curious.

Noticed the ones on your profile,  searched online, and saw they weren't actual Geotour at all.

Seems like something someone created themselves, and simply used a trackable they had for folks to discover.

An email to the Trackable owner is your best bet.  Looks like to have four in the series.

Good luck in your search...


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