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Seen the new popup?

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Upon clicking the "Post New Waymark" link on a category page recently I was presented with a popup asking me for feedback.

I suspect that I'm not, by any means, the only one to have been surprised by this.

That said, I was actually pleased that, after checking the first "radio-button" (I checked Long Time Waymarker), I was presented with a questionnaire, imploring me to input suggestions with regard to any improvements I felt may be in order vis a vis the website. I replied, inputting a couple of areas I felt could/should be addressed.


Today, in order to write this thread's introduction, I again clicked on a "Post New Waymark" link, only to find that the popup did not appear. I am about to suspect that each Waymarker might only be subjected to a limited number of popups, possibly a limited number per spanse of time.


In any event, since the forums are the places where grievances are aired, I hope that those which have aired their grievances here have also  been presented with said popup and have earnestly and honestly responded to that little popup. I'm not about to purport that the little popup is soon to miraculously cure all of our Waymarking maladies, only that it seems to be a small sign of hope.


So, respond to that little popup, tell Groundspeak what's on your mind - you may have a finite number of occasions on which to do so.!!


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