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Filtering for travel bugs in search


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The old way: create a Pocket Query.


The old way, better: Do the PQ. Then on the Browse Caches map, click on the Pocket Queries button at the top and then click on your PQ link. (This will only return a limited number of caches.)


Newer way: go to... err...


Okay, I don't know a newer way off the top of my head. I thought there was something in the Search Caches map, but there doesn't appear to be.


CAVEAT: just because a cache has a TB listed in it (and thus is part of the PQ results) doesn't mean it's actually there.



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In a simple search, within the listing of caches to scroll down,  you should see the "Info" column, showing Trackables supposedly in it, maybe a pmo designation, and sometimes a red wrench.

 - But, we find it's rare that the trackable is still where listed, and often spot trackables in caches that have none listed.  Go figure...   :)

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