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Searching caches by first letter of CO's username

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I'm currently doing a challenge in which I have to find geocaches with the owners usernames for every letter of the alphabet. E.G. the letter "W" could be like this W - CO's name Wet_Ground cache found by this user, "The Real Florida" . etc.

Now I only have two letters left "V" and "Y" but I can't find a cacher in my are (around Lutz, Dade city, N Tampa, Port Richey, etc. area of FL) that's hid a cache. SO, is there a way to search for cache hid by a user with a specific first letter of their username? 


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There's no search for "owner name" AND "caches in Florida". 


Probably the commonest route would be to look at what other finders have used.

Wildbill1 still has some active caches in your vicinity.


I expect you'd enjoy the walk for Bridge the Gap, and pick up some other finds while there.


North of you, possibly too far, is VT_Gary. mostly paddle caches, but some hiking. I see a lot of them are PMO



VaFarley hides over in Brevard.




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Project GC Checker for alpha by owner reports that  Wet_Ground needs:






I ran your name, because I assumed you had Q, which I need.  North of me, quiltmama is hiding. Haven't gotten up that way.

  Starkey trip would get you WestPascoEvent Team, and or WW.Wilma.

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21 hours ago, Isonzo Karst said:

Probably the commonest route would be to look at what other finders have used.


I once used GSAK to sort Cache Owner names, and notice that I have only a handful to complete the challenge.  Except that the previous challenge completers were using the names of the original owners, and today those caches have been adopted.  Or the CO changed his name.  Or the page has a fantasy name.  The challenge doesn't specify, and depending on how I filter names, I have many more CO names to find.  Maybe I can pick-n-choose.  Maybe not.  I eventually moved on.

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