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Waymarking Survey

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On 1/10/2021 at 10:04 AM, RakeInTheCache said:

I just got a pop-up survey when I started using Waymarking today.  Does this indicate some interest in Groundspeak to invest more in developing the hobby?


Sadly I didn't get any. This sounds too good.

One thing is missing mainly - a proper map possible to use in-field, like the one on geocaching, would make Waymarking playable and recommendable to friends. But that is only a dream now :sad:



I just got mine, had to disable adblock (I forgot it's even on)

Sadly answering the questions there was no real place to write suggestions.

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1 hour ago, RakeInTheCache said:

There was a space to write in your suggestions for improvements.


It may be that there are several variants of this survey and not everyone is getting the same questions and fields. Either I skipped something by accident or I just had no place for suggestions ;)

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4 hours ago, NLBokkie said:


Are you aware of the fact that the creators of Cachly are working on creating Waymarkly? It's not published yet (in beta testing), but it is expected this year - for IOS only. More on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/waymarkly/

Yes thank you, i am part of beta tester, i just asked and few days after i had my app, all my life is like that :laughing:

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12 hours ago, vulture1957 said:

Because everyone knows, no one who Waymarks uses any other phone than iPhone. (sarcasm here)


No reason to be snarky. Find an android developer who would like to spend some time on this.

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2 hours ago, elyob said:

Whether I like it or not, the pop-up survey has started again, asking me questions that I previously answered.


So, this time around, respond with the exact opposite suggestion. Make them scratch their heads, for once.


BTW - haven't seen that survey in ages - I kinda miss it... ;)

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16 hours ago, ScroogieII said:

So, this time around, respond with the exact opposite suggestion. Make them scratch their heads, for once.


Some kind of User Bug, that unfortunately we can't fix in the next couple of years.

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