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How to delete test labs from the app?


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While developing my second lab I iterated with test versions a number of times.
Each time I created the test, scanned it into the app, tested it and then deleted the test on the builder.
However, now I have a dozen test instances in the app on my phone.

How can these be deleted?

I have experience using adb (Android Debug Bridge) and can remove files if instructed where they reside.
However, I was hoping there was a way to do it inside the app.
That would be more beneficial to the non-technical audience.

2021-01-08 21.59.44.jpg

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Yes, it's pretty easy. On the main page of the AL app, where it shows the overall map, tap on the three bars and circles thing in the top right corner which will bring up a list of adventures. Find the tests in that list and swipe left on them with your finger to remove them. Don't worry about slippages as only test ALs can be deleted that way.

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23 hours ago, katsc said:

I am having the same issue with a Lab I just created. On the web, it shows as public. However, I have two tests on my phone that I cannot delete. I am unable to swipe to delete it. Does this work differently on an iPhone?

No. Same. I wonder if the problem could be that you didn't delete the tests before making it public? Every test should be deleted before you create a new test so there shouldn't be two. 


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