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Needs maintenance for an EarthCache?


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I recently noticed an EarthCache in my area that I think has a problem with the description. The EC is about a certain rock and in the description there are names and description of some types of the rock. When searching for the name of one of the types I only get results for a type of lymph inflammation. Searching for the rock and the name of the type I first get results for the earthcache listing and then medical sites, nothing geological. I suspect that the name of that type is wrong. Furthermore, none of the types of the rock is at the site, the correct type is another type not mentioned in the cache page. (one of the logging requirements is to identify which type the rock belongs to).


What should I do? Post a needs maintenance-log? Contact the owner? Contact the geoaware? 


(To not blurt out which EC I am referring to I have skipped a lot of specific words)

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My 2 cents:

I once found a similar situation - a local EC for a fossil site had the rock stratum misidentified.  (The layer he mentioned was several thousand feet below ground level.)  Rather than call it out on the cache page,  I sent a personal message to the CO with evidence of what I was saying, explaining his error.  He was very appreciative, and made the correction. 

If in your case the CO is resistant to correction, then I would contact the Geoaware.  A Needs Maintenance log is a very public way to say someone is wrong, and his embarrassment could bring hard feelings.

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