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Release Notes (Wherigo® iOS app) - January 6, 2021

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Today’s iOS Wherigo® app release includes the following:

  • Search Options: Exclude Disabled, Exclude Hides, Exclude Finds
  • Disabled caches shown in gray to indicate status
  • German language localization
  • Save cache name and GC code when downloading cartridges, show info button on Cartridges tab to display this cache info for user reference (for new downloads)
  • Cartridges page should show options to view cache info page or wherigo.com page (for new downloads)
  • Cartridges should now show distance from current location in list
  • Support for downloading multiple cartridges when the cache page lists multiples
  • Other small UI updates and various bug fixes

Some have asked about a Wherigo application for Android. We do not have plans to create such an app at this time. However, this Help Center article lists Android applications to play Wherigo cartridges.

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New IOS Wherigo APP.... but what about a builder refresh?


It’s good to have an new IOS Wherigo app, but what about the Wherigo builder? It would really help if you could modernize this old beta version you still have on your website. I would like to update some parts of the text of my old cartridge to reflect some small changes within the town this cartridge is running. In addition, or even more important, I would like to add new images with a better resolution because back then I optimized everything for the small working memory of the Garmin Colorado and Oregon devices. Now, with the much better screens of a modern smartphone this optimised small images should be replaced...


I installed an old 32 bit Windows XT as a VM image together with your original beta builder. But your builder is not able to open my original uploaded *.lua files. If I create a new simple sample, the builder is able to open a saved version but I can't compile it and I can't open any of  my original source (.lua) files. Yes, they are more complicated with moving zones and custom codes but back in 2009, 2010 and 2011 I could maintain, test and compile the exact same lua files. Of course I had to apply fixes for the well know issues with your builder, but I got a running cartridges back then. I guess I missed one of this old tricks, which made your beta builder working back then.... 

But now, ten years later, we have a new IOS Wherigo app, which is great, but as written above, we should be able to maintain and optimize our old cartridges to get the full benefit of the Wherigo potential.


Please let us know if you consider to release a updated Wherigo builder (hopefully soon)

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Hello! I'm pretty happy about any official news in the Wherigo world, and this new official app is great news indeed. Hopefully this will bring greater compatibility on iOS for playing cartridges that go out of their way to do something unique (the previous app was very weak when it came to Lua base library support, for instance).


On that note, players are encountering an issue when playing one of my cartridges, which I created with Urwigo. There is a zone that is supposed to trigger display of a message when players get "in proximity". In the various Android apps, that event is indeed raised, so the message is displayed when players get under X meters of the zone. However on the iOS app, nothing happens.


I've been trying in vain to find any way to debug the issue, but alas there does not seem to be any logging (.gwl?) done.


Are proximity events actually supported in the iOS app?

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