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Release Notes (Wherigo® iOS app) - January 6, 2021

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On 2/12/2021 at 1:33 PM, Tungstène said:


I know of a Wherigo cache 40 km north to my location which asks players to start the cartridge and then to put the Wherigo player in a pocket of their jacket. Instructions are given by audio files played when you reach certain locations ("please turn left", "forward up to the tree then right", "wrong way, please go back to last crossing roads", and so on).


What is the GC code for this?

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Today’s iOS Wherigo® app release includes the following:

  • Search Options: Exclude Disabled, Exclude Hides, Exclude Finds
  • Disabled caches shown in gray to indicate status
  • German language localization
  • Save cache name and GC code when downloading cartridges, show info button on Cartridges tab to display this cache info for user reference (for new downloads)
  • Cartridges page should show options to view cache info page or wherigo.com page (for new downloads)
  • Cartridges should now show distance from current location in list
  • Support for downloading multiple cartridges when the cache page lists multiples
  • Other small UI updates and various bug fixes

Some have asked about a Wherigo application for Android. We do not have plans to create such an app at this time. However, this Help Center article lists Android applications to play Wherigo cartridges.

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