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Invalid option -N in GSAK

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I used GSAK since I began to search caches.

After a little break I wanted to put a PQ on my Garmin Legend HCX via USB.

When I try to send the waypoints to my GPS the program quits with a "Invalid option -N".

The option -N was removed in an earlier version of GPSBabel.

But when I look at the gpsbabel.bat the option -N is set everytime.

How can I change this behaviour?

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Where did you find gpsbabel.bat? I'm a long time GSAK user but don't have that file anywhere. Did you create it yourself?

You can try to rename the batch file and see what happens.



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It is in the \AppData\Roaming\gsak folder.

The batch:

"C:\PROGRA~2\gsak\gpsbabel.exe" -N -D9 -i xcsv,style="C:\PROGRA~2\gsak\GSAK.STL" -f "C:\Users\eisi\AppData\Roaming\gsak\babel.txt" -vs -o garmin -F usb:

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Please have a look at: GSAK->Tools->Options.

In the field Application Data is the path where the batch can be found.

The RoamingPath is hidden in Windows normaly, but I think if you  copy and paste your path directly into the explorer path line, you can search this path and you will find the batch.

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I can see all folders and file extensions. It's one of the first things I change after installing windows. There is a babel.bat but it only contains 1 line:

echo testing


I'm 99.99999% sure I have no gpsbabel.bat anywhere ;)



BTW, have you tried the GSAK forums?


I only found items with gpsbabel.bat in 2012/2013 posts.



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6 minutes ago, on4bam said:

I'm 99.99999% sure I have no gpsbabel.bat anywhere ;)


Me too.


If I were you  @eisi_rs I would temporarily rename that file to something like gpsbabel-suspect.bat


and see if GSAK then works OK, you can always rename it back if necessary.

Alternatively make sure you have the latest version of GSAK (Tools/Check for newer version of GSAK)

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I think that the batch is ony used for some old GPS like mine.

The problem occured after an update of Windows10

Everytime i tried to send my GPX to my Legend i bacame the following message: Unanble to init USB

This problem was not new, but I had to update my Gpsbabel to the newest version.

After this, the problem with the -N occured. If I try to send the GPX manually to the GPS on a commandline,

the caches appear on the GPS but without the right coordinates of the solved mysts.

So I decided to solve the problem with the -N.


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