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Trails map not working!

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Last weeks Trails map on iphone app + gocaching map on web is very very slow.

Some bricks load (less important).


Google maps, satellite works flawlessly...


Please fix it.


PS: This is not internet quality issue - tested on multiple providers already...


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Same issue here! The Trail map sections are either loading veeeery slow, or not loading at all. Some may be loading, but I need them all to load, to see where I am, am going or whatever.

This issue is so persistent that, like others, I also revert to the "Street" Apple Maps. I've never had any issues with those, but less detailed.... Therefor this must be fixed, since it's a Premium feature anyway. Current phone is iPhone Xr, but previous iPhone 8 had the same issue. Another iPhone SE2020 we have also experiences the same issue. We all have subscriptions with a premium provider. 4G all over the country.

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I’ve also got this issue on my iPhone 12.

 Another issue is that the offline maps don’t work. I’ve downloaded a list and refreshed it, even left it a while. Switch the phone to airplane mode and no sign of a map at all.


 As mentioned this is a premium feature which I recently upgraded for this among other things so it would be nice if it worked!🤔

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