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Can I block new cache notifications from a certain cacher?

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I've looked through the forums and the help stuff, but can't seem to find an answer to this.  I still want notifications of new caches in my area, but we've had a problem with two new accounts that just popped up, and I don't want the notifications of their caches.
These are two accounts with oddly suggestive names, and they've been publishing hundreds of caches all at once.  Normally I'd be happy to see new caches, but these are all the 'bit of paper in a pill bottle' variety and they have horribly suggestive names that make me feel dirty just reading them.  And they way they're putting out new caches, my phone is blowing up with hundreds of texts with the nasty names and I just want no part of it.

So if anyone can help me figure out how to program "ignore" on those accounts, that would be great, thanks!

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Not sure about how to block those particular notifications, but you can report the offensive user names to HQ. They may change the names or delete the accounts if they agree the names are offensive to families and children (and sensible others).

Good luck.

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12 hours ago, lee737 said:

You could use an email filter to delete them at your end though


Good suggestion by lee737 - you must have your email sent to forward the notifications via text, and you can easily set up a filter for the cacher names in the email text and delete them before they get to your phone.


If these two (accounts created in 2015, but not active till the past month?) are the ones you mean, then I'm willing to bet they will soon tire of placing these huge numbers of caches and will go quiet.  If they are no more than pill bottles with a piece of paper, and no effort at all put into the descriptions, then I'm going to assume there will be no effort at maintenance either.  A year from now, this may be a non-issue for you.  (I'm sorry for the reviewers who will be dealing with the disabling, archival process, and the cachers dealing with the "litter" this will inevitably produce in a year...)


If I were you, I'd just cut the email to text connection for a month or so, and just look at email to find new caches, or, as lee737 suggested, filter out cache descriptions that contain the usernames you want to avoid and delete those emails.  Wait a month, see if their activity slows and this may resolve itself very soon.

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If ecanderson is correct (I looked too), I'd guess it depends on your own thoughts whether the cacher's/caches names are "suggestive".

We've seen much worse, and if it was an issue, have seen names changed to be more hobby friendly. I don't feel they fit in that category...

As others have said, if you send notifications to email (like we do), it's simple to filter them out.    :)

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