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Test a developing Adventure Lab

geo K
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On Computer:

  • I have put together an Adventure Lab and am trying to test it.
  • I am using Test [not private].
  • A new QR code was generated.

On Phone:

  • I do a QR scan  and Open
  • Google Play opens indicates Installed.
  • I go to Adventure Lab on phone then the Directory.
  • Looking for Test Adventure
  • No test is present.  Only completed and other Labs.
  • The AL was not on the map either


I think, I must be missing something. Please help!


Thank you in advance

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Hi, that's an old question, but just in case you are still stuck, or someone else is:

I tested my first AL last week, and had some of the same troubles at first, but then realized (duh) you can't test it from home, you have to be actually on site doing the Adventure yourself on your phone.

Once I got on site, it worked perfectly and I was so happy. Made it public, and yesterday the FTF was posted in the Activity Log. It does show on the map after it was made Public.

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On 12/28/2020 at 1:15 AM, geo K said:

On Phone:

  • I do a QR scan  and Open


Make sure you're just using the phone's camera to look at the QR code and not using any QR-scanning app. From the camera, it should just go directly into the app and open the Test version without going to Google Play.

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