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Adopted caches don't transfer into statistics


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A friend of mine recently have run into a weird bug regarding one account:



If you look into the profile you can see that this account has six Letterboxes in possession, but the main profile stats (next to the username) show 0 hides.
If we take a closer look, we will see that not only the hide count, but also the favorites count is incorrect (screen on the right).




My guess is that it has something to do with the process of cache adoption, all six of these were adopted after ca. 1 year from being published.

I thought the problem may be that "nckultury" account had no own caches before the process of adoption, but I know a different player who started the exact same way, by adopting some old caches, and all stats were shown correctly for him from the beginning. Maybe it has something to do with the trackables count being replaced with favorite points at some point, but this is just a guess.


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